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Specialty Cocktail Menu

Custom Cocktails
Bar1 Exclusive Cocktails

Aperol Spritz


Aperol, Champagne and Soda Water



Peachy Frozen Drink

Bellini Plus


Peachy Frozen Drink with a splash of Black Raspberry

Bloody Mary's


Different Flavors Available

Bourbon Berry Lemonade


Bulleit Bourbon, Mixed Berries, Triple Sec, Lemonade and a squeeze of lemon

Double Blind


Mystery Shot and Mystery Beer



Dark Spiced Rum and Real Coke

Vodka Hawaiian Punch


Strawberry or Passion Fruit

Strawberry Starburst


Smirnoff Vanilla Pineapple Juice, Strawberry Puree and a Lemon Squeeze.. YUMMMM



Champagne, Mixed Berries, Black Raspberry, OJ and Vodka

Long Island


Huge Boozy Drink

Top Shelf Long Island


Huge Boozy Drink (upgraded alcohol)

Lynchburg Lemonade


Jack Daniels, Triple Sec, Sweet and Sour and a squeeze of lemon



Perfect when you can't decide between a margarita and an icy cold Corona!

Hand Squeezed Margarita


Nobody does it better. Let us know if you like it sweet or tart.

Mixed Berry Lemonade


Three different vodkas, lemonade, fresh berries and a squeeze of lemon



Popular Cuban drink, different flavors to choose from.

Moscow Mule


Pearl Vodka, Fever Tree Ginger Beer and lime in a copper cup.

Triple Melon ChamTini


The Original ChamTini's less sweet cousin

Rum Punch


Two different rums, orange and pineapple juice with a float of dark rum.

Skinny Raspberry Lemonade


Bacardi Raspberry and soda water. Topped with Lemonade and 1 Raspberry. Only 98 calories!

Bar1 Exclusive Martinis

Pink Grapefruit


Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, Triple Sec and Vodka

Lemon Drop


Citrus Vodka, simple syrup, lemonade, squeeze of lemon

Espresso Martini


Van Gogh Espresso Vodka, Kahlua, Stoli Vanilla and Cream

Porn Star


Stoli Vanilla, Passion Fruit, topped with Prosecco