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About Bar1 or "B1"

Bar1 is an upscale neighborhood bar. We are located south of Indian School on 16th Street in Phoenix Az. The bar offers over 25 flat screen TV's and has a large upscale outdoor smoking/drinking patio. Our hours are 10am-2am 7 days a week. Come check us out!  And of course, we have daily drink specials:)

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Bar 1 is a great neighborhood bar!  It's considered a gay bar, but like most of the "gay" bars today, everyone is welcome and all kinds of people are seen there. Bar 1 is very friendly, comfortable and clean. I would consider it upscale but not snobby by any means. They have a beautiful patio, nice living room area and the main bar has plenty of seating at tables and at the bar itself. There are two pool tables and a juke box. My advice is to leave the juke box alone and just enjoy the awesome music videos they play. Personally I think having the juke box is a mistake because as I said, their video library is awesome. If you are nice to your bartender, they will even play something that you want to hear. Drinks are fantastic and they can make just about anything. Try one of their champagne specialties or shot of the month. Always delicious! I am a Jack and Coke drinker and one of the things I like best about Bar 1 is they use real Coca-Cola products. Do you know how important this is?  Those knock off soda products that some bars use can almost ruin a drink! There are various specials throughout the week...2-4-1 every Thursday. Karaoke is every Tuesday. Be sure to check out Bar 1 you don't even have to be gay! Enjoy! ~ Kirk R. Phoenix, AZ (Jan 2016)